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धम्म अनुपश्यना : Mindfulness of Dharma

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Anupashyana Expert Talk:

Every month on the last Sunday at 7:15 PM, an expert talk is conducted to discuss various issues related to rural entrepreneurship, sustainable rural development, agriculture and environmental sustainability, and other related issues. 


26-May-2024: Shri Atul Ghuinkhedkar 

The main objective of this Expert Talk is to explore various possibilities for establishing and promoting business enterprises in Rural Areas to connect Young entrepreneurs with other Business owners from other parts of the country. Details related to this webinar are summarized in this video. 


28-April-2024: Dr. Abdesh Gangwar


31-March-2024: Shri Harish Gangwar


25-February-2024: Prof. Ramchet Chaudhary


28-January-2024: Dr. Veerpal Gangwar